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Why Buy Butyl Rubber Inner Tubes?

Why Buy Butyl Rubber Inner Tubes?

Butyl rubber is one of the most widely used synthetic polymers in the world, ranking third in total synthetic elastomers used. First introduced in 1942, butyl rubber origins are due to the rubber-procurement program of the U.S. Government during World War II. This program sought to ensure the availability of rubber supplies for military use. Indeed, shortages of natural rubber during wartime have resulted in the development of many of today’s synthetic rubber compounds.

Inner tubes made of Butyl are eight times higher in air retention than inner tubes made from natural rubber.Butyl Rubber inner tubes have proven to be very effective for use on equipment that is relied upon to do important and tough jobs.

“SIMPLY STATED OUR TUBES JUST PERFORM BETTER.” Dennis Orcutt – President Trans American Rubber

Sport Tubes are Always in Season

The seasons are a changing! In the colder weather regions ski resorts are very much pleased with the downfall of snow and are recording record high amounts of snow tubers. Snow tubing is fun not just for the kids but for the whole family. The need to find sitters while parents want to get out in the snow no longer applies when young and old alike can hop a tube and catch some air. For the warmer regions, they just can’t get enough of our sports tubes because they are durable enough to go down rivers or fun enough to play in a lake or even a pool.

The current events of the nation may be on an emotional upswing but times are still tough all over. Snow tubing is an inexpensive way to get outside and have some fun and forget your worries for a couple of hours. Our sport tubes are of durable 100% butyl rubber, not the cheap vinyl from that chain store down the street. Our regular sized inner tubes also have available covers in bright red or blue color. There are handles and a leash on each cover which make it easy to carry up the neighborhood hill and to link with friends.

Trans American Rubber Inc. is more than just inner tubes and specialty tires, we’re your source for family fun and entertainment. We have several sizes for you to choose from: 32″, 36″, 40″, 45″, and the lake giant 68″. Call us to find out more.