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Tube Tips

Removing the valve core and exhausting all air will remove buckles and uneven stresses from the tube and flap. Check the valve stem by running a piece of wire through the stem to make sure it is not plugged.

A filter on the air inflation equipment will remove moisture from airline preventing corrosion. Apply a liberal amount of tire mounting lubricant to the rim bead seats, tire beads and tube where it contacts the rim and the tire beads. (USE A VEGETABLE BASED LUBRICANT DILUTED 50% WITH WATER.)
High air pressure stretches the tube across the tire bead toe. Without lubrication, the tire bead toe may cut the tube, or the tire bead may pinch the tube against the rim as it slides into position.

A tube sometimes will not adjust well to the inside contour of the tire because the tube surface does not always slip when in contact with the tire has little or no inside lubrication.

Rims with inadequate bead seat ledge width for the tire bead allow the tire bead toe to extend beyond the rim bead seat ledge, which can chafe the tube leading to air loss and downtime.